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In June of 2024, BHS teachers Kurt Weisenburger and Bob Seidel will be leading a trip that offers students the extraordinary opportunity to participate in international ceremonies recognizing the 80th anniversary of D-Day on the Normandy beaches on June 6, 2024.  Over the course of ten days, students will also be visiting a number of historically and culturally significant sights, including:

This tour will be open to any interested 2023-24 BHS students. Tour information and registration is available on the tour website, EFtours.com/2622007TF  Due to the popularity of the trip, BHS reserved spots will be opened to travelers from other schools after March 31st. Enroll before March 31 to secure your spot!
BHS Soloists will perform with the Chamber Orchestra. This is a beautiful concert featuring some of our most accomplished musicians. The performance is free and open to the public.
The meeting will be held in C271
This program is for sophomores and juniors.  This fair will be in the BHS Main Gym Area.  There will be 200 reps here with information and to answer questions. 
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We are excited to announce that on April 12 and 20, 2023, students in grades 9, 10, and 11 will be taking the state-sponsored SAT suite of exams and the Illinois requires science assessment.

For our juniors and sophomores, the exams will take place on Wednesday, April 12. Sophomores will be taking the PSAT 10 exam with D220 Essay, while juniors will be taking the SAT with Essay. This is an important step for Juniors towards achieving your state graduation requirements!

On Thursday, April 20, freshmen and juniors will be taking the PSAT 8/9 and the Illinois Science Assessment, respectively.

We want to remind all students to arrive at school early on their testing days, prior to 8:30 AM, to give themselves time to prepare and ensure they have all the necessary supplies. Please bring #2 pencils (non-mechanical), your student ID, and a calculator. If you need more information regarding the SAT Suite, please visit this link. It's important to remember that College Board guidelines prohibit electronic devices from testing rooms.

Please note that students will be on an altered schedule on both April 12 and 20. Buses will be leaving BHS at 1:30 PM on April 12 and noon on April 20, morning routes will run as usual. Lunch will not be provided, so make sure to bring snacks and stay hydrated.

We also want to remind our students that we are here to support you in any way we can. The Support Service Department Chair will be reaching out with communication regarding students testing with accommodations.

For students not testing, we encourage all of our students to do their best and to make use of the asynchronous lessons and activities provided. Students not testing, do not attend BHS on that day and complete the assigned asynchronous work from home.

We believe in you and know you will do great on these exams!

220 Initiatives

During the month of March BHS joins the nation in celebrating Women's History Month!

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"Barrington High School has long been considered an excellent high school. With an artful blend of rich traditions and cutting edge innovation, BHS is a source of pride in our community. Our continued success relies on high quality teachers, modern and positive infrastructure, world-class curriculum and instruction, enthusiastic community support, and a diverse and talented student body."

Steve McWilliamsPrincipal
Barrington High School

Meet Mr. McWilliams

During the month of March BHS joins the nation in celebrating Women's History Month!

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    I love being a part of the Barrington High School community because I am able to support our outstanding students throughout their high school journey! As a Counselor, I am excited to see how my students pursue their individual goals through the wide variety of options that BHS has to offer in and out of the classroom. Dana JoyceCounselor

    There are so many different clubs and activities at BHS that everyone has something that fits their niche and nobody is really left out.  Sahil MittalStudent

    I love teaching at BHS because it is a dynamic profession rooted in hope and wonder.Heidi RockwellMTSS Coach

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    Barrington High School is a place where everyone can pursue their passion. The possibilities are endless!


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