Application Deadlines

Admission Plans

Early Decision (ED)

This is a binding plan. If a student is admitted ED, s/he is morally and ethically bound to attend that college. All other applications must be withdrawn at the time the student is admitted. A student can only apply ED to one school, but may apply EA to other schools. Students receive a decision prior to the school’s regular notification deadline. ED is the only plan that eliminates May 1 as the reply date.

Early Decision Contract

Early Decision II (ED II)

If a student applies to one school under ED I and gets denied, they can then apply to another school ED II. ED II is essentially identical to ED I, a binding decision, but with later deadlines.

Restrictive Early Action (REA)

Students cannot apply using early decision plans to other schools. Different schools may have different restrictions. Be sure to check the school’s admission page for details. Under this plan, students receive a decision prior to the regular notification deadline. They are not obligated to submit a deposit prior to May 1.

Early Action (EA)

This plan is NOT binding. A student who is admitted under an EA plan may still keep applications to other schools active, and wait until May 1st to commit to one school.

Regular Decisions

Applications submitted to a school by a specified date receive a decision within a reasonable and clearly stated period of time. Students may apply to other schools without restrictions.

Rolling Admissions

The school reviews the applications as they are completed and gives a decision throughout the admission cycle. Students may apply to other schools without restrictions.