how to apply
Step 1:
  • Determine a list of colleges to which you will apply - at least ONE of these colleges should be a “Safety” school.
  • To determine whether or not a college is a Safety school for you, check to see that you exceed their average ACT/SAT scores (if applying with a test score) and GPA.
  • Look at each college’s admission page and create an organization chart with deadlines etc.
Step 2:

If you are applying with a test score:

  • Send your ACT/SAT scores to the colleges where you are applying. It can take 4-6 weeks for colleges to receive your scores from the testing agencies, so do not procrastinate! Send those scores NOW!
  • To send your ACT scores go to:
  • To send your SAT or Subject Test Scores go to:
Step 3:
  • Determine whether or not your colleges accept The Common Application, The Coalition Application, or a school specific application.
  • If a school uses The Common Application or the Coalition App, there should be a link on the school’s admission page where you can create an account. Be sure to write your login information down! Check the BHS Post-Secondary Counseling page for application specific tip sheets.
  • School specific applications can be found on the college’s website.
  • If you are considering applying Early Decision to a college, contact your counselor to discuss this option.
Step 4:

Be sure to complete this step at least 15 school days prior to the deadline.

  • Determine which of your colleges, IF ANY, require a letter of recommendation from a teacher and/or counselor. 
    Note, colleges prefer to receive letters from an academic teacher you have had in the past two years, preferably from an academic area you are interested in studying.
  • Speak to the teacher/counselor and ask if they would be willing to write a letter on your behalf.
  • Complete any necessary form(s) that the teacher and/or counselor requests.

We ask that for January deadlines, you speak with your counselor and teachers prior to Thanksgiving break for Letters of Recommendation.

Step 5:

Once you are 100% certain that you’ll be applying to a college, follow the appropriate steps below:

  • Transcripts - Colleges will require some version of your transcript.
    • Self-Reported Academic Record - Some colleges require you to enter all of your classes and grades directly into the college’s form (such as: University of Illinois/Urbana, University of Iowa, Iowa State University, U of California system as well as others).
    • Common Application Schools - After inviting your counselor as a “Recommender” (see Common App Tip Sheet for details), contact your counselor to determine what additional information they may need. Your counselor will send the school report, transcript and letter of recommendation. Submit requests to your counselor no later than 15 school days prior to the deadline.
    • For all non-Common Application Schools that require a transcript (including schools that use SENDedu) - Go to Parchment and request that your transcript be sent.


Please Note: There will be no transcripts processed during winter break.

types of applications


  • One “common” application that can be used to apply to multiple schools.
  • Allows students to submit one application to over 900 schools large and small, public and private.
  • Some schools require an additional essay supplement.
  • Teachers and counselors will send their recommendations through their Common App portal after being assigned by you.
  • Common App Dashboard allows students to track all aspects of their apps including supplements, counselor and teacher submissions and fees in one location.


Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success

A “coalition” of approximately 140+ public and private schools. Members of the “Coalition” are committed to providing affordable tuition, need-based aid, and a six-year graduation rate of 70% or higher.

The application platform has three tools:

  • Virtual Locker, a feature that allows a student to store sample work, practice essays, resume, etc.
  • Collaboration Platform, allows a student to share drafts of application materials in order to receive feedback from counselors and teachers.
  • Application Portal, allows students to submit one application to over 140 public or private schools.


  • Some schools provide an application portal on their own website.
  • When multiple application methods are offered by a school, they are required to give equal consideration to each method.
  • Students will send an official transcript via or self-report grades, as instructed in the application.
frequent application questions
  • Barrington High School’s CEEB Code is 140-205
  • Barrington High School’s fax number is (847) 713.2942
  • Barrington High School does not rank
  • 4.0 weighted grading scale
  • Be sure to use your weighted GPA when filling out applications unless an application indicates otherwise