Request a Transcript/Parchment

Current Seniors Applying to College:

Common Application: For Common App schools, once you invite your counselor as a recommender, they will submit your transcript. You do NOT need to request a transcript through Parchment.

School Specific Applications: For colleges NOT in your Common Application, if the school requires an official transcript you will need to request that it be sent via Parchment using the instructions below. 

Review the instructions and application check-list for EACH school to which you’re applying. Some schools may ask you to complete a ‘self-reported’ academic record (SRAR), or the Courses & Grades section of the Common App. If you are instructed to self-report your courses and grades this is a required step and your application will not be complete without it.

Mid-Year Transcripts: Some schools will request a seventh semester transcript (or mid-year report), before making admission decisions. For Common Application Schools, you may need to request your mid-year transcript by completing a Mid-Year Transcript Request Form. Once completed, email this form to your  counselor. All non Common App mid-year transcript requests should be made through

login to parchment
  1. Click the Request a Transcript from Parchment button below
  2. Select “Create Account” in the black bar at the top of the page. Then choose "Learners or Parents" and click the green tab "Create Account" (we recommend you DO NOT sign up using Facebook, and that the account be set up by the student, not the parent)
  3. Complete your name, date of birth, highest level of education, email and password (use an email that will remain active after graduation, do not use your email)
  4. It is not necessary, and we do not recommend, that you complete the "Profile" section
  5. Once you have signed in, you are ready to order your "Credentials" (transcript)
ordering transcripts
  1. Type Barrington High School in the text box and click the green "Search" button (be sure to choose Barrington High School in Barrington, IL)
  2. Complete the enrollment information (NOTE: Class of 2023, if you started at BHS as a freshman, your "Earliest Year" should be 2019. Your "Expected Grad Year" should be 2023. Class of 2024, if you started at BHS as a freshman, your "Earliest Year" should be 2020. Your "Expected Grad Year" should be 2024. These dates are important!)
  3. FERPA Privacy Rights - we recommend that you waive your right to access
  4. Select "Consent and Request" when finished, now you are ready to order
  5. Click the green "Order" button under the Barrington High School banner
  6. Select a destination by typing the name of the school in the text box, then click the green "Search" button. The full name and location of the school should appear, then click the blue "Select" button
  7. The next screen will provide your "Order Details", at this point, you can add another school or continue to check out (provide consent with your electronic signature and if required, credit card payment)
general tips
  1. Once you have created your Parchment account, you can login and go directly to the "Order" tab
  2. Once you have successfully completed your order, you will receive an "Order Confirmation" message from Parchment
  3. You can track the status of the order to ensure it has been received by your college or university


request a transcript