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The music  program at Barrington High School values excellence through the performance of quality repertoire, the development of musicianship and music literacy, and the social-emotional well-being of all students. We currently have approximately 450 students participating and creating in our music programs at BHS in the areas of band, choir, orchestra and jazz.  
Barrington 220 believes that music is a form of human expression that is unique and essential. Students engage with musical ideas and emotions which deepen personal and intellectual understanding.

All learning is centered on the National Core Arts Standards which provide hands on creative experiences, with an emphasis on students creating, performing, responding and connecting daily in their high school ensembles.

Our music students continually engage with the wider community through performance and other interactive experiences. BHS musicians interact with the wider community through over 150 school and off-campus performances and competitions each year. All disciplines participate in the Illinois Music Educators Association (ILMEA) District 7 and All-State festivals, district solo and ensemble competitions, and off-campus tours. Recent tour destinations include Walt Disney World (Orlando), Carnegie Hall in New York City, London, England, and Washington DC (White House performance). 

bhs band
bhs choir
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Kevin Krivosik
Band Director

Brandon Pemberton
Choir Director
Brandon's Bio

Clark Sheldon
Orchestra Director
Clark's Bio