Life Skills


The Life Skills Department encompasses physical education, family and consumer science, early childhood education, health education and driver's education.

The physical education curriculum is designed to contribute to the physical, social, emotional and mental development of students. The program is organized to put an emphasis on fitness, wellness, and the participation in lifelong activities through a healthy lifestyle. Students will be exposed to the basic components of fitness, the basic rules and strategies of team and individual sports, dance, the components of CPR and the necessary tools to create and execute an individualized fitness plan. Classes will participate in sports activity three days a week and two days a week will be set aside to address and improve personal fitness levels for each student. Students will also be educated and certified in CPR.

Blended Learning

The Life Skills Department is proud to offer several courses in a blended format. Blended learning is an instructional strategy that gives students shared ownership in the time, pace, path, or place of their learning. This initiative combines in-class student-centered learning strategies with occasional release from the classroom environment. Most courses offered in the blended format use release time as needed to allow for small group and individualized instruction. Students who are released participate in independent and small group work in supervised but less structured environments such as the library or commons. Blended offerings for younger students are more structured and have less release time than those offered to upper level students who are preparing for the rigors and independence of college. Check individual course offerings and talk to your counselor to find the blended offerings best suited for you.

Photo of Babbi Barreiro

Babbi Barreiro  
Department Chair

Life skills department staff
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Barbara Barreiro

Department Chair

Emily Behrendt

Physical Education Teacher

Brittany Cook

Early Childhood Education Teacher

Lauren Delehoy

Culinary Arts Teacher

Marty Dello

Driver's Education Teacher

Erica Duffy

Assistant Director

Alison Gildemeister

Physical Education Teacher

Cynthia Guerrero

Health Teacher
1 2 3 > showing 1 - 8 of 21 constituents