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The Barrington High School Social Studies Department offers a broad, comprehensive, selection of courses in the social sciences. It is our goal to develop skilled, knowledgeable, and concerned citizens of the community, nation, and world. We want our students to ask questions, gain content understanding, conduct research, and take action. Our curriculum provides students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to become a better student, a better leader and a better citizen. The courses offered and the course sequence allow and encourage students to explore multiple areas within social studies with the hope that they will uncover areas of interest and aptitude. Courses in social studies are offered at multiple levels to challenge students of varying interest and ability. Students are required to take a minimum of 2.5 credits of social studies for graduation. Of these credits, one must be in Global Studies at the freshman level, one must be in U.S. History, which can be taken during sophomore or junior year, and one-half credit must be earned in Civics, which can be taken during either junior or senior year. Guidelines for selections are listed below. College bound students are recommended to earn at least three credits in social studies. Those wishing to fulfill the Civics requirement can complete the Advanced Placement U.S. Government & Politics course. Click here to view the Social Studies Department schedule

Advanced Placement Program 

The Advanced Placement Program in social studies is a comprehensive college level program available to all students at any part of their social studies education at Barrington High School. This program offers a rigorous and demanding curriculum and prepares students for college-level experiences while also preparing them to take and pass the Advanced Placement exam in several areas of social studies. Prospective students are encouraged to check with their counselor and investigate their college choices before deciding to take an Advanced Placement course. Advanced Placement classes are offered in: World History, Human Geography, European History, Economics, U.S. History, Psychology, and Government. All students are eligible to take Advanced Placement classes in social studies with Department Chair approval needed in certain situations.

Blended Learning

The social studies department is proud to offer several courses in a blended format. Blended learning is an instructional strategy that gives students shared ownership in the time, pace, path, or place of their learning. This initiative combines in-class student-centered learning strategies with occasional release from the classroom environment. Most courses offered in the blended format use release time as needed to allow for small group and individualized instruction. Students who are released participate in independent and small group work in supervised but less structured environments such as the library or commons. Blended offerings for the younger students are more structured and have less release time than those offered to upper level students who are preparing for the rigors and independence of college. Check individual course offerings and talk to your counselor to find the blended offerings best suited for you.

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