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A Letter to our Parents

First, we would like to thank all of you (Coaches, Athletes, Parents, and the Athletic Department) for your support of our program. We see hundreds of injuries a year from all sports and all levels. We are responsible for the care and treatment of over 900 student athletes annually.  We consider it an honor that we are entrusted with the health, safety and well-being of your children and do our best to help. We are on your side. Our purpose is to advocate for your children and do our very best to ensure their health and safety but, at the same time, return them to their sport as soon as possible. If you ever have questions of any kind, we encourage you to contact us so we can assist. We understand that this may be your first injury, but trust us, it is not ours. You may have some questions that may not have been relayed properly from our athletic training home to your home.

About our Program

The Athletic Training Program at Barrington High School evaluates, treats, rehabilitates, provides immediate care and injury prevention under the supervision of its team physicians (Dr. Dan Di Iorio and Dr. Dave Anderson). The Athletic Training Program provides rehabilitative exercises, soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound treatment, e-stim therapy, cryotherapy among many other treatments used by professional and collegiate sports as well as outpatient clinics for positive outcomes for our athletes. Every technique and modality used in the athletic training room is proven and evidence based practice (meaning: all treatments and techniques have been researched, tested and proven to be beneficial and safe to perform). Athletic Trainers (AT’s) are medical health care providers licensed to practice in the state of Illinois. All AT’s must complete continuing education hours every two years to maintain licensure. Athletic trainers attend these courses to learn a variety of different techniques and treatments to improve not only professionally, but to help the people they serve. These institutions award certifications upon successful completion of its courses allowing the practice of their techniques. This is another way we instill confidence in the families and community we serve. Continuing Education helps to show that our athletic training staff is up to date with their treatment approach. The Athletic Training Department at Barrington High School is extremely competent and experienced and it provides outstanding care to the people we serve. We try to treat your family like our own families. If you have any questions regarding treatment and care, please contact the athletic training department.

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