Access your Library Account

Understanding your Overdue Notice

The Overdue Statements are organized into 2 areas:

  • Overdue and still out: Overdue and Still out also shows the replacement cost of the item in case you have looked everywhere and can not find this item. If you pay for a lost book and it is found within one school year,  you will be refunded the replacement cost.
  • Lost items: After 3 weeks of overdue notices sent to student, the book is declared lost. Lost items are charged for the full price of purchasing a replacement item. 

Accessing your Account

To log in to your library account, you will need to know your Infinite Campus login and Student ID number. 

  • Your user name is Infinite Campus login (first initial last name jdoe)
  • Your password is your ID#


  • Example login page for sample student "John Smith"


  • To Renew books click on "My Info" tab
photo of library account login


  • Click on the renew button to automatically renew your books for another
photo of library login


  • To see fines, exit the current view
Photo of library login instructions


  • Click on "My Info"
photo of library login instructions