Student Parking


Limited automobile parking for students is provided as a convenience. Parking is a privilege, not a right. Barrington High School will only issue parking permits to seniors and students enrolled in off-campus courses. Parking is for SENIORS ONLY.  Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors DO NOT have permission to park on campus or in the Field of Dreams parking lot.

Barrington 220 and Barrington High School are not responsible for the automobile or its contents, parking is at your own risk. Cars should be locked at all times. If the parking lot is full, it will be the student’s responsibility to locate the parking lot security attendant to secure a parking space. If the student is unable to locate outside security, it will be the student’s responsibility to report to the Student Services Office immediately. School authorities have the right to check/search vehicles on school property. Search, based upon reasonable cause, may include the passenger compartment, engine compartment, and trunk, all containers locked or unlocked in or upon the vehicle.


Vehicles not displaying valid parking permits or those illegally parked will be ticketed (by the Village of Barrington) and/or towed at the owner’s expense.  Noncompliance with parking rules/regulations and/or truancy may result in loss of parking privileges, SPURS eligibility, tickets issued, and/or towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense. 


  • BHS parking tags need to be displayed, facing out, on the car's rearview mirror.
  • Cars parked with or without a permit outside designated student spaces, or illegally, are subject to school consequences, ticketing, and/or towing at the owner’s expense.
  • Parking permits and/or permit numbers may not be used by, sold, or transferred to another student or their vehicle.
  • If you have a valid parking permit and are unable to drive your primary vehicles, you may use another family’s vehicle as a substitution, please make sure to transfer your parking tag.
  • Students may not loiter in vehicles or parking lots.
  • Students should not park in the designated Little Bronco Daycare parking. This includes after-school hours until 5 p.m. (M-F).
  • The speed limit on campus is 10 MPH. Excessive speed, reckless driving, running stop signs, and/or squealing tires are prohibited and could result in immediate loss of parking privileges.
  • If a student reaches a total of 9 absences in one semester (unexcused) in any one class, their parking privileges may be revoked for the remainder of the semester. There will be no refund of parking fees.
  • Students parked in the Field of Dreams must use the lot near the baseball fields and walk through the sports complex to the building.