Barrington 220 is strongly committed to building children's social, emotional, and academic competencies. The Wellness Team is an important part of the school community. 

We seek to foster the well-being of the students in our care. We provide support through prevention, education, and intervention to adolescents related to a variety of social/emotional concerns. We encourage student development of respect, responsibility, and resilience. To best support our students, we strive to remain current about the evolving concerns impacting adolescents today and to utilize evidence-based practices and supports.

There are a variety of definitions for the term “wellness”. However, there is a general consensus that wellness encompasses the physical, mental, social/emotional, and spiritual aspects of an individual. These aspects of wellness are intertwined, and each contributes to the optimal functioning of an individual. This is inherently true for individuals of all ages.

We believe that wellness is not a static state. We believe that an individual can enhance their overall level of wellness. Wellness can be strengthened, for example, through good sleep hygiene (Sleep and Mental Health), healthy nutrition, and the development of healthy stress management and coping strategies (Teens Managing Stress).


Wellness staff

Kevin Art


Alexandra Bauer


Amy Winkelman

Prevention and Wellness Program Coordinator